Undergraduate COVID-19 Rules

1. Households

1.1    You must use face coverings where required, including in corridors, staircases and passageways. 

1.2    If anyone living in your household tests positive for COVID-19, has symptoms of the virus or has been in contact with anyone who is symptom- or virus-positive, the whole household will need to self-isolate within its household space for the government-approved period.

1.3     If you have been contacted by Oxford University’s Early Alert (testing) Service or by NHS Track and Trace (including the NHS app) to tell you that you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive, you will need to self-isolate for a full 14 days, even if you subsequently test negative yourself.  However, the rest of your household does not need to self-isolate in this situation. ;

1.4    Please see these examples of various situations in which you might have to self-isolate.

2. COVID-19

2.1    If you have symptoms of possible COVID-19, you must inform the Broad Street Lodge (preferably by phone) immediately. You must also tell the Lodge if you are told by NHS Test and Trace or the College that you have been in close contact with someone who has the virus. This applies to all students, whether living out or in College accommodation. 

2.2    This information will be passed to other members of staff including the College Nurse. Health and welfare guidance will be provided. 

2.3    You must then immediately tell the members of your household and all of you must begin self-isolation. 

2.4    In addition, you should arrange to have test straight away — and inform the Lodge of the test results as soon as you get them. 

2.5    The University has set up an in-house testing system that any member of Oxford University can use.

3. Self-isolation

3.1    If you have to self-isolate for any reason, you must stay in your household space and not leave it unless there is a fire alarm or an emergency.

3.2    Care should be taken by the person(s) isolating to reduce the risk of infecting other household members. Ways of doing this include social distancing, staying in your own room as much as possible and very thoroughly disinfecting any common areas you use such as toilets. If you have access to a kitchen, you may use it while self-isolating but no one else should enter while you are there and you must thoroughly disinfect before and after.

3.3    For those in Broad Street, Hall meals can be delivered to your household: please email HR@balliol.ox.ac.uk to arrange this. You can have takeaways and shopping delivered to the Lodge, provided that you arrange for someone who is not isolating to bring them to your household space. The porters will not deliver to rooms. Jowett residents please arrange for a friend to meet any delivery drivers outside the gate: they should not be invited inside. 

3.4    If friends or graduate officers are helping you with shopping, please pay them back without delay via an electronic transfer. Do not pay in cash. 

3.5    The College Library can arrange to deliver and collect books: please contact them on library@balliol.ox.ac.uk. They are likely to be able to deliver to rooms in Broad Street but will leave books for Jowett residents and those living out in a drop-off location from which friends can collect. Books need not be returned while you are self-isolating. 

4. Quarantine on entry to the UK

4.1    If you are arriving from abroad, UK government rules may require you to self-isolate for quarantine purposes for a specified period of time. You may do this in your Balliol room. It is your responsibility to know the rules for your country of origin and transit locations. 

4.2    While you are in quarantine, other members of your household do not need to self-isolate and may leave the household space. But you must take all possible measures to reduce any risk of infecting other members of your household (see 3.2). This is a special case and is not the same as the situation where an entire household needs to self-isolate in full due to symptoms, a positive test, or contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive. 

4.3    Those quarantining after international travel are asked to make sure they have a good supply of any necessary medicines when they arrive at Balliol.

4.4    If you or any other member of your household becomes symptomatic or tests positive at any stage, the rules for household self-isolation will apply. 

5. Food

5.1    All the Broad Street kitchens will only be available to the specific household each one is located in. This includes the Staircase 21 kitchen, which will only be used by the nearest household.

5.2    All Broad Street residents may purchase half-size or mini-fridges for use in their rooms: please see the College Handbook for precise rules on fridge size. Fridges are only permitted in Jowett rooms with the explicit permission of the Domestic Manager. 

5.3    The Hall can supply hot meals to those self-isolating in Broad Street (see 3.3).

6. Cleaning and laundry

6.1    Housekeeping will not be cleaning student rooms. Please bring your own cleaning materials; the College will not be supplying these.

6.2    The College will supply disinfectant or wipes for toilets, bathrooms and kitchens. If you need extra cleaning supplies in your household please email Luke (luke.mcintosh@balliol.ox.ac.uk, Head Housekeeper for Broad Street) or Pauline (pauline.talbot@balliol.ox.ac.uk, Head Housekeeper for Holywell Manor, Jowett Walk and Master’s Field, A-Block).

6.3    Please use laundry rooms one at a time and wash your hands before and after touching laundry machines and surfaces.

7. Use of public facilities

For information on the use of public College facilities please see the Common Spaces Information.

Please don’t be brave: it’s better to suspect CoVid-19 and isolate for a couple of days until you are proved not to have it, than risk being positive for the virus and then passing it to many others before your test results come back. 

Keep in mind that the aim is to avoid a spike in infections locally which stops all our activities. None of us wants to return to full lockdown again if we can avoid it. We can do that by finding the virus quickly even in those with no symptoms, by good hygiene and by avoiding close contact with anyone outside our own household.

24 May 2021 Rev 3

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