Form for Giving Feedback on College Teaching Quality (Undergraduates)

This questionnaire is anonymous. It helps us to monitor and improve the quality of the teaching you receive, in Balliol and other colleges. In normal circumstances results are sent to the relevant tutor. Please make use of the boxes for comment (good and bad): tutors find these sections by far the most useful.

Comments about reasonable adjustments, or other aspects of the College’s implementation of the Common Framework for Supporting Disabled Students, can be made in the comments section of this form or directly to the Disability Officers. You may also find these online study skills guidance and supportive resources helpful. Any problem not falling within the compass of the questionnaire can be brought in confidence to the Senior Tutor (where relevant by following the Student Complaints Procedure, College Handbook 2.4.4). 

Please fill in this form - it should only take a minute or so. If you have had more than one tutor (Fellow or Lecturer) this term, please complete as many forms as you have had tutors. Asterisks indicate mandatory fields.