Contracts and Starting your University Registration

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Please do the following, all of which are mandatory.

College contract

Print out, read and fill in the College Student Contract. Sign the contract in hard copy — electronic signatures are not accepted. Scan and send by email to the Graduate Administrator (graduate@​balliol.​ox.​ac.​uk) as soon as possible and by 1 September at the latest.

University contract and card form

Your University Student Contract will be sent to you by your department. Return this as per your department instructions. 

Once you have returned your signed contract, you will be sent a University card form, which you should sign and return as soon as possible. When you have done this, your IT activation code and log-in details will be sent to you by email. Your password and login is called your Single Sign On (SSO), which is the Oxford system for accessing a range of IT services, including Student Self Service and email, as well as online study resources. It is therefore very important to return your signed contract as soon as possible in order for your University card to be issued and to set up your Oxford IT account. Keep an eye out for the email message: sometimes it will go to junk or spam, and if the email address provided on your application form is no longer functioning, you will not receive it, so be sure to notify the Graduate Administrator of any changes to your contact details. Your physical University card will be sent to Balliol (or SBS if you are an EMBA/MBA/MFE student) and you will collect it when you arrive and complete your registration.

Oxford IT activation and starting your University registration

Before you can start using your Oxford account you will need to activate it by entering your IT activation code on the Webauth page

Once your Oxford account is activated, start your University Registration using Student Self-Service. This is the first step of the registration process: registration at College once you are in Oxford is the second step (see Arrival and completing University registration). When your registration is completed, you will be able to log into Student Self Service and print your enrolment certificate as proof of student status.