The Ukrainian crisis in context: a bottom up approach

This is a two-day conference bringing together multidisciplinary researchers working on Ukraine. The country has been in the headlines since 2013 due to political upheaval and the ongoing armed conflict. Given the geo-political significance of events, research tends to focus on issues of Ukraine’s sovereignty, nation building and democratisation. The conference aims to refine our understanding of Ukraine’s economic and social challenges by analysing them from the perspectives and experiences of Ukrainian citizens. To provide attendees with a more nuanced understanding of the country, the conference will offer expert panel discussions, postgraduate research presentations, working group discussions, and poster sessions.

Lead Investigator - Emma Mateo (DPhil Student in Sociology, Balliol)

Co-organiser: Olya Homonchuk (DPhil student in Social Policy, St Antony’s)

Other likely participants: Olga Onuch, Politics, University of Manchester; Irina Lapshyna, SEESOX, University of Oxford; Andrew Wilson, SEES, UCL; Irina Kuznetsova, Social Geography, University of Birmingham; Kataryna Wolczuk, Politics, University of Birmingham; Roy Allison, International Relations, Oxford; Paul Chaisty, Politics, Oxford; Ivan Kozachenko, Sociology, Cambridge, Emma Rimpilainen, Anthropology, Oxford; Gwendolyn Sasse, University of Oxford;Jaroslava Barbieri, University of Birmingham