Reforming Bank Governance: Developing an Interdisciplinary Approach

This work will be a pilot study for a much larger programme of work on reforming bank governance. These reforms will require an understanding of three things: the purpose of banking, the culture within banks, and the regulatory environment in which banks are located.  Bringing these things together is an interdisciplinary challenge: insights from economics, philosophy, law, management, and behavioural psychology will be required. But detailed knowledge of banking and finance is also necessary. This pilot project will begin our investigation of how detailed knowledge of practical governance issues in banking can take forward our already-existing academic work in this area.

Co-Principal Investigator

David Vines, Emeritus Fellow, Balliol College, and former Professor of Economics at Oxford University. Leader of previous BII project on rebuilding trust in the financial sector which led to a book: Capital Failure: Rebuilding Trust in Financial Services (Nicholas Morris and David Vines, editors, OUP, 2014)

Co Principal Investigator

Professor John Mellor, Professor of Governance in Banking and Finance at the University of Leicester Business School, and formally an international corporate banker, including with Citibank

Additional Team Members

Professor John Armour, Hogan Lovells Professor of Law and Finance at Oxford University

Dr Natalie Gold, at present Senior Research Fellow in Philosophy at Kings College, London and about to move to join a Behavioural Insights team within the NHS. Read PPE at Balliol 20 years ago and has remained in close contact with the College

Professor Colin Mayor, Peter Moores Professor of Management Studies at the Said Business School, and Dean of the School between 2006 and 2011

Nicholas Morris, regulatory economist now living in Australia and currently advising the Indonesian Government on economic and Infrastructure development, including Regulatory reform. Was previously Deputy Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies in London. Read Engineering and Economics at Balliol, and subsequently obtained an MPhil in Economics from Oxford, nearly 40 years ago. Has remained in close contact with the College, and was a Senior Research Associate whilst working with David Vines on the Capital Failure book.