Connected Life 2016

Project summary

The Connected Life 2016 Conference built on the previous two years’ conferences, providing attendees with a fruitful environment to engage in dialogue and discussion: thus far, we have received excellent feedback from participants and attendees. We were very happy with the level of involvement from the Oxford Internet Institute, and the opportunity that the conference gave to the department’s early career researchers and postgraduate students to present their research. We were also very grateful for the support and advice of the department, and for the involvement of key departmental figures, such as the Director, Helen Margetts.

The conference included keynote speeches, academic panels, expert panel discussions, a visualisation fair, ‘lightening talk’ presentations,
skill-specific and thematic workshops, and a networking event. Prizes were given to speakers at the end of the first day. The full schedule can be found here.

More information on Connected Life can be found here

Lead investigator

Ilinca Barsan, Oxford Internet Institute and Balliol College, University of Oxford

Research team

Bertram Vidgen, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Wybo Wiersma, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford


Contact details for enquiries

Please email the lead investigator, Ilinca Barsan, with any queries regarding this project.