Past BII Research

Previous BII research projects include:

Big Data Machine Learning

This project explored a novel intersection between the information sciences and infection control, including computer networking, data modelling, and data analysis via machine learning. The results of the project are expected to improve the manner in which we fight infectious disease.

Conceptual Foundations of Systems Biology

Using an interdisciplinary dialogue, this project investigated the fundamental concepts underlying modern biology – including biological presuppositions, its formal models, and its mathematics.

Connected Life

The key objective of this project was to develop an annual Oxford conference dedicated to sparking exchange between disciplines and showcasing emerging internet research. The inaugural conference held in June 2014 brought together participants and attendees from across the social sciences to foster collaborations within and beyond Oxford in pursuit of better understanding of the internet and its many effects.

Dynamic Networks

This project examined the effect of reputation on cooperation among a network of agents by looking at reputation-based human cooperative behaviour in dynamic networks.

Duty of Care in Finance

This project brought together a group of philosophers, lawyers, historians and economists in Oxford to consider behavioural aspects of the problems which persist in the financial services industry (FSI), which were thrown into sharp relief by the recent global financial crisis.

Ethics of Complicity in Cinema

This project investigated how the directors of cinema and their films engage with ethical issues, and the paradigms through which observers understand film, spectatorship, and the broader rules of engagement with the arts.

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Time Series

This project examined the interdisciplinary connections between different disciplinary approaches to analysing time series, from such systems as financial stock markets to medical recordings, audio, climatology, and astrophysics.

Mobile-Health System for Child Healthcare

This project was carried out with local promoters in Guatemala to create and disseminate a culturally appropriate, accessible curriculum for homemade ORT and ZS for the indigenous Maya population.

Positive Ethics

This project applied an interdisciplinary approach to investigate the positive side of ethics, and examined the ways in which one can act as an individual in order to benefit others as much as possible.

Privacy in Genomic Medicine

This project aims to stimulate discussion about the privacy of genomic information, as well as the personal and public implications of the inappropriate dissemination of such information.

Religious Rights and Multiple Identities Under Law

This project explored how the changing patterns of interaction between legal and theological concepts and between religious and non-religious legal concepts transform the ways religious communities engage with civil and international law as well as with their own religious law systems.

Social Media and Health Research

This project brought together researchers from across the disciplines to explore how social media can be used to improve health literacy and promote public understanding of health research.

Tense and Time

This project carried out an empirical investigation of so-called future tenses across various the languages, hypothesising that there are no future tenses in any language, and that the whole idea of future tenses is a mistake at a most fundamental level. 

Transnational and Global History

This project developed a seminar series for the Oxford social sciences and humanities communities to come together and discuss what it means to adapt transnational frames to research.