Digitising and Disseminating Early Scottish Books

Project summary

The principal Older Scottish texts (i.e. those produced before 1700) survive in a handful of manuscript and early printed sources. This project’s long-term aim is digitising these seminal early Scottish works of literature, history, theology, philosophy, and classics, to make them accessible to international scholars online. Scholars have reiterated the necessity of exploring manuscript and print contexts in order to fully understand Scotland’s cultural and intellectual history. Yet the question of how to make these manuscript and print contexts accessible remains largely unexplored. Digitising these texts will open up our understanding of Scotland’s contribution to all of these disciplines in a way which has never before been possible. It will impact not only those scholars who concentrate on Scotland, but also those working on European contexts, who will better be able to appreciate Scotland’s wider contribution.

Lead investigator

Dr Kylie Murray, Faculty of English and Balliol College, University of Oxford

Research team

Professor Sally Mapstone, Faculty of English, University of Oxford

Professor Richard Ovenden, Bodley’s Librarian and Balliol College, University of Oxford

Contact details for enquiries

Please email the lead investigator, Dr Kylie Murray, for any queries regarding this project.