Curing through Questioning: Philosophy as Therapy Across Ancient Traditions and Contemporary Applications

This project aims to challenge the purely intellectual vision of philosophy in the form of a conference addressing both historical and contemporary dimensions of philosophy as therapy across different cultures. We will discuss what ancient traditions in China, India, Greece and Rome can teach us about the impact of philosophical questioning on leading a good life. We will then tie this to our day and age by investigating the philosophical foundations of contemporary therapies across the world – many of which, in some crucial respects, find their origins in ancient traditions.

Lead Investigator - Robin Brons (DPhil in Philosophy)

Other participants - Lea Cantor (DPhil in Philosophy, Worcester College)

Sihao Chew (DPhil in Oriental Studies, St. Catherine’s College)

Stefano Gandolfo (DPhil in Oriental Studies, St. Cross College)

Sybilla Pereira (DPhil in Philosophy, New College)

Alesia Preite (DPhil in Philosophy, St. John’s College)