Alliance: The Humanities & Existential Risk

“Alliance: The Humanities & Existential Risk” is a podcast series that explores what the Humanities can offer to the study and/or mitigation of existential risks. Existential risks are risks that could lead to human extinction or civilisational collapse, such as climate change, nuclear warfare and artificial intelligence-related disasters. The study of existential risk has become a major focus of academic institutions in the past several years. Unfortunately, study in this area has concentrated on contributions from the sciences and social sciences. The Humanities, however, have a lot to offer this field — we hope to demonstrate that.

Alice Evatt, Balliol College, Faculty of Philosophy, DPhil Year 1

Henry Tann, Balliol College, Faculty of History, DPhil Year 1

Brett Parris, Balliol College, Classical Indian Religion within the Faculty of Oriental Studies, MPhil Year 2

Aaron Robertson, Balliol College, Faculty of Modern Languages, MSt Year 1