Current BII Research

Current BII research projects include:

A Systems Approach to Management Studies

This project will use ideas from Systems Biology to develop a Systems Communications Model of management and will study Systems Businesses that use this model, with case studies of global companies located in South Korea.  The project will also survey members of the Davos Forum and the Asia Economy Community Forum, and the output will include a book on guidelines for management practice.

Architectural Representation in Early Medieval England c.650-1350

This project will bring together researchers from literature, history, archaeology, art history, and theology to discuss the various ways in which construction and design were conceived of, lived with and imbued with significance in England in the period c. 650– 1350.

Books, Minds, and Bodies

The Books, Minds, and Bodies project will investigate links between fiction-reading and mental health. Researchers from the cognitive, medical, and neurosciences, and from anthropology, literary studies, and psychiatry will join with members of the public to share the experience of reading aloud and discussing a novel in order to explore the therapeutic benefits of reading fiction.

Business Ecosystems

This project is focusing on the evolution of competition and cooperation and the emergence of inter-species competition in human social systems. It further aims to shed new light on evolution-development-ecology interactions and in particular on the evolution vs. ‘intelligent design’ debate, where we are seeking ‘natural’ (as opposed to ‘supernatural’) explanations, focusing primarily on cultural and ecological (as opposed to genetic) inheritance mechanisms.

Connected Life 2016: The Internet for Change

Continuing on the success of Connected Life 2014 and 2015, Connected Life 2016 is a two-day student-run conference that will be held over the 15th and 16th June 2016. The theme is internet-enabled collective action, social change, emancipation and crowd-sourcing. Connected Life’s primary goals are to foster connections between researchers both in and outside of Oxford, and to enable researchers to disseminate findings in an engaging and cross-disciplinary space. 

Constitutions Under Stress

This interdisciplinary project, which includes academics from the UK, France, and the United States, will identify and explore the issues that underlie constitutional instability.  It will answer questions concerning public and cultural attitudes about the constitution; the operation of the constitution vis-à-vis legislative and executive power; the power of the judiciary; and popular and parliamentary sovereignty, among others.

Data Experience Lab

This project aims to advance research in digital data visualisation by using the latest virtual and augmented-reality technologies to represent large and complex data sets as environments to be experienced, educating and engaging the Oxford community on these topics in the process.

Detecting Supernovae

This project aims to verify the evidence for the earliest recorded supernovae by studying radiation flux in tree rings to establish a year-by-year record of the radiocarbon content of the atmosphere.

Digitizing and Disseminating Early Scottish Books (to 1700): Meeting II

Focusing on seminal early Scottish works of literature, history, theology, philosophy, and classics, this project will organize a symposium to create a digitisation programme in collaboration with the libraries which house these texts to make them accessible to international scholars online. 

Gender and Authority

This project aims to explore and question received notions of social and cultural authority, specifically as they intersect with issues of gender. The project also seeks to examine spaces in which gender, as it intersects with other vectors of power, has led to the marginalisation of intellectual and artistic creation or labour. This project will bring together participants from disciplines across the Humanities and Social Sciences, with a number of outputs including a January 2016 conference, bi-termly seminars, and a public lecture on gender and authority.

New Design of Optical Collator

The investigators aim to develop a hybrid optical/digital portable collator using real-time image analysis techniques for use with early modern printed texts.

Planetary Response Network: Humanitarian and Crisis Response From the Crowd

The investigators aim to facilitate a series of interdisciplinary meetings of policy and decision-makers, astrophysicists, computer scientists, and developers to provide a critical connection with the Planetary Response Network, a Zooniverse project designed to harness the power of the crowd for analysis of satellite data during and after humanitarian crises.

Reporting Guidelines for Case Series

This project aims to produce a reporting guideline for case series that is methodologically robust, easy to use and accepted internationally across a broad range of specialties and disciplines.