Arriving in Oxford

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Entrance for vehicles to the central College site is via the back gate, which is accessed from St Giles’ (almost opposite the Martyrs’ Memorial).

There is a 5mph speed limit in the Quad. When parking your car, please respect our beautiful lawns, do not drive over the edges. There is no parking in the main drive, as others need entry and access, nor in front of the Hall steps, Buttery and SCR area, as this is an Emergency Escape Area.

Once parked, you should report to the Porters’ Lodge to collect your room key and pick up a parking slip for display on your vehicle dashboard. The Porters’ Lodge telephone number is 01865 277777.

You will have 45 minutes to unload, and then you must park your car off site. Any vehicle staying longer than 45 minutes will incur a charge of £30.


Balliol graduate accommodation is within the Holywell Manor complex, comprised of the Manor, Martin building, Dellal building and some of Jowett Walk. (The Jowett Walk block is in a street of that name a few minutes’ walk away.) Upon arrival you should go to the Holywell Manor Lodge, in Manor Road (OX1 3UH), where you will be able to pick up keys and other information 24 hours a day.

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Disabled students

If you need special parking arrangements, please contact the Undergraduate Administrator or Graduate Administrator (as appropriate).

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