School Visits: FAQs

When can we visit?

We host school visits throughout the year, Monday-Friday, with some restrictions outside University terms and during exam periods. It is easiest for schools to suggest a few dates which would work for them. We will always try to accommodate you.

How many students can we bring?

A group size of around 20-25 students works well.

Where is Balliol College?

You can view visitor information here.

Where can we park?

There is no parking at Balliol. You are advised to use the Park and Ride services. Please allow extra time for travelling into the town centre.  

Do we have to stay for lunch?

No. Lunch is optional.

Can we bring a packed lunch?

Of course, but you are not able to eat it in Balliol College without special dispensation. 

If we have lunch at Balliol, when do you need final numbers and dietary requirements by?

Two weeks before your visit.

What other advice and support do you offer?

We are always happy to offer advice to individual students, teachers and parents. Please see below for further details. In addition, and take a look at our Open Days and Outreach Talks and Events pages.