Floreat Access Programme

Floreat: A Balliol College Access Programme for Year 12 Students

Floreat access programme recruitment day at Balliol (photo: Rob Judges)Floreat is a year-long academic programme offered to Year 12 students from state schools in Hertfordshire. The programme offers the opportunity to engage with Oxford-style humanities teaching, and it is offered to students free of charge.

The bulk of the academic content is delivered through a series of academic seminars, led by Oxford University representatives and hosted after school hours. The programme also includes a residential summer school in Oxford.

Floreat access programme recruitment day at Balliol (photo: Rob Judges)This opportunity suits bright students who are interested in studying an arts/humanities programme at a top university (not necessarily Oxford), and who are keen to engage with academic ideas outside their school curriculum, ahead of applying to university the following year.

The 2018-2019 Floreat Programme will run in two separate Hertfordshire schools, Broxbourne School and Queens’ School in Bushey. Applications are now closed. Next year’s programme will be advertised in Michaelmas Term 2019.

Timetable for 2018/2019 programme at Queens’ School, Bushey

Timetable for 2018/2019 programme at Broxbourne School

You can find the reading list for Floreat 2019 here.

Here is the Floreat 2018 timetable.

Floreat access programme recruitment day at Balliol (photo: Rob Judges)If you have any questions about our Floreat programmes, please email outreach@balliol.ox.ac.uk.

Previous programmes

The Floreat programme has run successfully for the previous three academic years, with an average of 25 students taken each year from over 10 Hertfordshire schools. Due to its success it has now expanded to include 40 students.  

‘In all likelihood, I would not have applied to Oxford, let alone Balliol, had I not taken part in the Floreat access scheme. The programme allowed me to meet similar people from local schools, helping me to grow in confidence both academically and socially, and helped me to realise that applying to Oxford would be the best thing I could possibly do to pursue my love of History.’ - Gregory Brinkworth, who came to Balliol in 2016 to read for a BA History