Philosophy and Linguistics

Number of places at Balliol

Up to 2.

Subject information

Course requirements

For information on what subjects you need to study, please see the University Admissions Website.

College requirements

Students applying to read PPL should expect to study the Philosophy and Linguistics bipartite option.

There is no expectation that you will have studied Philosophy or Linguistics before applying.

Admissions/Selection criteria

For information on how applicants are assessed, please see the University Admissions website.

Philosophy and Linguistics at Balliol

The study of philosophy develops analytical rigour and the ability to criticise and reason logically. It allows you to apply these skills to many contemporary and historical schools of thought and individual thinkers, and to questions on such subjects as the fundamental nature of reality, the nature, possibility and limits of knowledge, the nature and grounds of moral judgements, the nature of the mind and its relation to the body, and the fundamental principles of language, science, religion, art and literature.

The other half of the course focuses on linguistics, where you will be introduced to the analysis of the nature of human language. Topics include the structure and history of languages.

More information and a full course outline can be found on the University Admissions website.


<span style=”color: #000000;”>Dr Sophie Marnette</span>’s research offers a linguistic and philological approach to literary issues in Medieval French such as the origins and evolution of literary genres, the expression of narrative voice and point of view, the relationship between history and fiction, etc.

Sophie Marnette

Dr David Wallace, Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy.

David Wallace

Dr Ofra Magidor, Fellow in Philosophy. Ofra teaches the General Philosophy course for the Prelim and the Philosophy of Logic and Language and Knowledge and Reality core papers.

Ofra Magidor

Rowland Stout, Lecturer in Philosophy. Rowland teaches the Ethics core paper in Philosophy.