Master's Field Project

This page is intended to give all current and prospective members of Balliol the latest updates as we have them of the Master’s Field Project. The project co-ordinator is the College Surveyor, Neville Clarke.

Latest news 31 July 2017

Enabling works 1st phase, 17-28 July 2017: summary of work finished, ongoing work and work to start in the next two weeks. 

Latest news 18 July 2017

Enabling works 1st phase, 3-14 July 2017: summary of work finished, ongoing work and work to start in the next two weeks. 

Latest news 6 July 2017

Enabling works 1st phase, 19-30 June 2017: summary of work finished, ongoing work and work to start in the next two weeks. 

Latest news 15 June 2017

Demolition and enabling works 9th/10th/11th week 

The demolition site is being split in two temporarily. During 9th week (w/c 19 June) work will take place on the east part, which will include the removal of trees, shrubs, low walls and other boundary elements; access to the sports pavilion will be preserved to accommodate the final cricket game of the season and to allow removal of the sports equipment from the pavilion. The quieter works to establish the temporary car park adjacent to the Jowett Towers is also scheduled (soil/turf removal and gravelling is scheduled for Monday 19 June and Tuesday 20 June).  

During 10th week (w/c 26 June) the access to the sports pavilion will be removed and the pavilion will be enclosed within a temporary fence. During this week the hoarding will be installed, the wall to the temporary car park removed and any noisy works to set up the temporary car park completed. Tree removal and strip-out of loose material from buildings will also continue.

From 11th week (w/c 3 July) the site will be enclosed by the hoarding line and will become the sole responsibility of the demolition contractor. Work will begin to remove asbestos from the Sports Pavilion, and 3 and 5 St Cross.

Groundsman’s temporary compound

A new temporary compound for the groundsman to house all equipment from the pavilion area is to be constructed to the north side of the fenced tennis court. The compound will be enclosed with a 6-foot-high wooden fence with protective wire mesh above. Works are due to commence on 19 June and will take several weeks to complete.

Latest news 14 June 2017

Sports ground

The artificial wicket is to be installed on the Master’s Field on 19 June.

Latest news 17 May 2017

Demolition and enabling works

Full table of works as of 12 May 2017

These works were due to start on 15 May, but in the initial phase the noisiest work is being re-scheduled. Demolition proper commences 3 July: the timetable will be posted to hoardings erected late June. There will be internal College consultations with Bidwells (project managers) re the initial demolition and enabling works and design going forward: in particular, residents of College houses in St Cross Road will meet the contractors w/c 22 May. The contractor Maylarch has confirmed the following:

  • Occupancy of Eastman House will be preserved to 16 June (works from 19 June; asbestos survey may take place earlier);
  • Shift of ‘noisy’ works to outside of 7th and 8th Weeks to avoid FHS exam period – Maylarch will be contacting sub-contractors and reviewing programme to explore whether all minor demolition works/site set-up can be moved to 9th Week+;
  • Targeted works during 19-23 June (9th Week): hoardings, tress and shrubs, temporary car park;
  • Preservation of sports pavilion use to end June;
  • Main demolition works to start 3 July;
  • Temporary car park to be painted lines rather than hard standing until ‘noisy works’ period.

Sports ground

Balliol is planning to share its facilities with OU Sport (in order for temporary buildings to be erected on the Mansfield Road Club (MRC) sports fields to house displaced occupants of the Tinbergen building). During this time an artificial wicket will be provided at the Master’s Field. Balliol has priority over bookings.

2017/2018 academic year

Undergraduates and graduates living in Jowett Walk

Building work will commence on the south side of the Master’s Field: further updates will be posted as they are received.

Graduates living in Martin and Dellal

You should be largely unaffected in 2017/2018.

Undergraduate offer-holders due to arrive 2017/2018

The building works will not affect your accommodation in your first year (the College’s Broad Street site is unaffected).

Overview of the project

See this news item.